Making Connections

Building a strong network of contacts and partners is critical to ensuring commercial success. Greater Manchester Chamber has a number of partnerships both in the UK and overseas to make it easier for you to access in-market knowledge and support.

According to reports from CBI and British Chambers of Commerce, only one in five companies in the UK export (below the EU average), and our overall trade balance has been in consistent deficit since 1998.

Whilst the European Union remains a very important trading partner, it has been recognised that a significant amount of global GDP growth is happening in emerging and developing economies. It is expected that by 2020, emerging and developing economies will be contributing to 65% of the global GDP growth, offering UK companies a vast range of opportunities in almost every sector.

The UK is recognised worldwide for its high quality products and innovation and is ranked second in the 2015 Global Innovation index above Singapore, US and China. The 'Made in Britain' and 'British Expertise' brand are in demand across the world. This is an excellent opportunity for companies who are new to export to consider trading internationally and for more experienced exporters to further expand their international footprint.